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10 Google Algorithm Updates That Shook the SEO World & How to Be Ready for the Next One

Google announced the release of another core update today. That makes this the perfect time to remember the biggest algorithm updates of the past. Let’s look at what we learned from them and discuss how a site can prepare to come out a winner in the next major quake. Google Search changes constantly. A recent […]

The Best SEO Hacks For Your Business’s Blog

These days, the Internet is where you find most of your business’s customers. Sure, word of mouth is still a powerful thing, and if you’re running a brick-and-mortar business, the decorations in the window make a huge difference when someone’s walking down Main Street and thinks your store looks interesting. But generally speaking, your online […]

The Loyalty Iceberg Part 2: Understand Me

Part 2: Understand Me In our second installment of our thought leadership series, Loyalty Iceberg: Creating Human-Centered Experiences, Clutch turns to the second element of customer expectations: Understanding. It’s one thing to be recognized, but it’s quite another to be understood. Until a company understands its customers, it has no idea what they want, what […]

The Loyalty Iceberg: Creating Human-Centered Experiences

The Loyalty Iceberg: Creating Human-Centered Experiences For a long time, customer loyalty focused on two things: signups and discounts. The commonly accepted thinking was to capture email addresses and send promotions in order to increase transactions. In sum, traditional loyalty = transactional loyalty. But we now know that when it comes to creating enduring customer […]